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Who We Are

Virtuozo works with highly ambitious individuals and teams worldwide, who want to enhance their impact as communicators, storytellers and leaders.

We work closely with you to define your goals as a communicator, upgrade your messages and communications strategy, hone your skills and enhance your presence. Whether you're delivering a high-stakes board presentation, meeting with global investors or having an informal conversation, you will be able to create a truly meaningful experience for your audience.


Our unique methodology combines the wisdom of ancient rhetoric, proven theatre techniques, the latest in psychology and neuroscience and next-generation practices that cut through 21st century clamor. 


Our highly-experiential programs are ideal for leadership development in organizations, high-stakes speaking engagements, board meetings, media interviews, pitches, 1-on-1 sessions and all forms of virtual communication. 

By speaking up and remaining fully present, you will deepen your impact with audiences worldwide – regardless of location, language or technology. You will propel your skills to the highest level.


It's beyond technique. It's virtuosity.


Our Services

What do senior executives, top-performing teams, company founders, TED speakers,
visionary artists, and innovative scientists have in common? Their success is
determined by their ability to impact the people they engage with.


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Programs for Individuals


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What do speakers with over 40 million views on, top executives at multinational companies, and celebrities from the worlds of music, science and technology have in common?

The answer is Abigail Tenembaum and Michael Weitz. 

As top international communications experts, Michael and Abigail spent the last 15 years helping senior leaders master the art of impactful communication on elite international stages. These include the World Economic Forum at Davos, TED and TED Global, IPO roadshows, conferences, and media interviews.
Michael and Abigail have helped company founders and CEOs raise critical capital to ensure their businesses grow and thrive. Their expert guidance has also assisted multinational corporations to improve their organizational cultures, enhance employee engagement and set the tone for future growth.
Abigail and Michael were selected by TED to prepare over 100 speakers for more than 20 mainstage TED events. Many of the speakers feature in the top 50 most viewed talks on


Some of Our Clients

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